Wynarn University

Oliverat Twist, Defusing the Dome
Aryth, Sar 7 – Afternoon

On the heels of a racially charged terrorism plot, we make our way to the Dome of Light to save it from destruction. Passing through the city of Fairhaven, Lucan perceives two human pickpockets shaking us down, but he’s unable to grab them as they escape down the alley. We pursue the thieves until they reach their halfling buddies while a giant rat looms in the back preparing to attack us. The encounter is rough, but we prevail, recover our goods, and even relieve the humans of 90 gold (distributed evenly, 28 for each of us). The human also has a scroll that we return to the gift shop where he stole it. In gratitude, the shopkeeper gives us each a choice of our favourite useless crap. Hikmat takes a visor. Valna takes Fairhaven saltwater taffy. Gabbro goes for oil, Lucan slaps his metal-behind with a tourist magnet. And, Björn-jörn acquires a novelty t-shirt.

We go to the pub to recoup and heal.

Finally, we arrive at the Dome of Light, passing the various worshippers (dually disrespected by Lucan), making our way downstairs to the basement. Here we engage 4 bats and two psionic humans in a fight. We struggle, but dismantled the psionic bomb hidden therein. Gabbro grabros the orb from out the deadly psionic machine, and Hikmat keeps the sweet blue orb.

The Kalashtar Monks thank us for our defusing deeds and they inform us that high class mages can buy these psionic orbs (a clue!). As a parting request, the monks tell us to keep an eye out to find out more about our racist history professor. A hot lady priest grants us a 100GP coinage donation to our club for saving the day. Lucan is aroused, but Velna keeps the money.

1050 XP is distributed five ways (210 XP each).

Warforged: Redemption

Aryth, Sar 7 – Early Afternoon

The Super Advocates for Friendship and Social Justice Club had their weekly meeting on Far 5th at noon. They discussed, among other things, their concern about a history professor who seemed to have a strong anti-foreign bias. Thalai, Hikmat, Torrbjorn, and Valna had a history lecture prior to the SAFSJC meeting and they were given an assignment titled: “Should we help the Cryan even though they were wholly responsible for their nation’s demise?”

They decided to go to the History Library. Lucan, although not in their history class, walked with them since the library was on the way to the dormitories. As soon as they got to the doors of the library, they noticed a confrontation taking place in one corner of the library.

A group of students were harassing a Warforged who looked slightly out of place and obviously distressed. The students were yelling racial slurs at the Warforged, and both the students and the Warforged were throwing books at each other. The student standing closest to the Warforged reached for his weapon as he shouted, “I am going to make you regret coming here, you obsolete piece of soulless metal! By the time I’m finished with you, you’ll be lucky if you have enough scraps left to crawl back to your Cannith masters.”


Nice gnome librarian took the SAFSJC’s side, and also contacts the hospital for the three beat-up knocked out jerky students.

The SAFSJC talk to the Warforged. He was at the library looking for information about who made him… it’s a existential crisis sort of thing.

Found some blueprints. Saw a photo on the wall of all the school clubs. Noticed that 3 of the students in the photo of the Aundarian Nobles were the same students that the SAFSJ beat up. Went to go interrogate the other students. Discovered plot to blow up 3 buildings. Managed to knock out enough of the student terrorists to keep 2 of the 3 buildings safe… for now.


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