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The campaign takes place on the world Eberron.


  • 884 YK – Lucan, the elf, was born in Fairhaven, Aundair.
  • 894 YK – The Last War begins.
  • 972 YK – Valna, the half-elf, was born.
  • 973 YK – Torrbjorn Demonhatchet was born.
  • 976 YK – Thalai, the goliath was born.
  • 977 YK – Hikmat, the deva was born.
  • 994 YK – The nation of Cyre is destroyed.
  • 996 YK – The Treaty of Thronehold officially ends the Last War.
  • 997 YK – The University of Wynarn relaxes it’s restrictions on attendees and invites students from all nations.
  • 998 YK
    • Far 6
    • Sar 7 – Wynarn students stop plot to destroy the temple of light. (yes! they had a class on Sar! whatever!)
    • Sul 8:

      9am Wynarn students board the Lighting Rail in Fairhaven, Aundair to travel to Morgrave University in Sharn, Breland.

    • Mol 9:

      12:30am Lighting Rail stops in Passage, Aundair.
      11:15am Lighting Rail stops in Marketplace, Aundair.
      10:15pm Lighting Rail stops in Sword Keep, Breland.

    • Zol 10:

      4:30am Lighting Rail stops in Hatheril, Breland.

    • Wir 11 – Thronehold Day. Anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold.

      5:00am Lighting Rail stops in Wroat, Breland.
      12:00pm Lighting Rail stops in Sharn, Breland. The Lighting Rail station is the Terminus Station located in Lower Tavick’s Landing in the caravan district known as Terminus.
      12:30pm Wynarn students board a skycoach to Morgrave University.
      1:05pm Once at the university, the students are taken to an orientation meeting about their up-coming trip to Xen’drik.

    • Zor 12
    • Far 13
    • Sar 14
    • Sul 15


Aundair is a nation rich with commerce, agriculture, scholars, thinkers and magic. Aundair’s picturesque beauty is known through all of Khorvaire. The current monarch is Queen Aurala ir’Wynarn. The climate of Aundair is mild, with frequent rainfall, short winters and warm summers.

    Locations in Aundair

  • Arcanix, the village – population 900
  • Arcanix, the floating, magical, university
  • Fairhaven – population 90,000
  • Passage – population 16,000
  • Stormhome – population 14,000
  • The Towers of Aundair: Wrogar Keep (population 900); Tower Valiat (population 900); Tower Vigilant (population 900); Vanguard Keep (population 900).

The University of Wynarn

The oldest, and most respected, university of the five nations. The University of Wynarn is one of the few universities in Khorvaire with a diverse student body.

The City of Sharn


Dragonmarks are birthmarks, that look like tattoos, that appears spontaneously, usually during adolescence. There are 12 different dragonmarks. Each dragonmark corresponds to a specific type of magical power. Those who possess a dragonmark have a monopoly in Khorvaire of the trade that correlate to their dragonmark.

Dragonmarked Houses

House Cannith

The libraries at House Cannith’s Aundair Enclave were targeted by a student terrorist group.

Known Threats

  • Student terrorist group.


The Aundairian Nobels

  • Walfire Arroway

  • Victaatis Fletcher

  • Adoben Wyvernjack

  • Cocaryn Loyalar

  • Wilven Chorster

  • Jamhorn Arroway

  • Lorastina Hawklight

  • Norster Swordhand

  • Wallannan Spelloyal

Other Wynarn Students

  • Ana Falconsflight

The Priests at the Dome of Light

  • Thatari – Path of Light Priest. Female Kalashtar Psion.

  • Kanatash – Path of Light Priest. Male Kalashtar Psion.

  • Novakri – Path of Light Priest. Female Kalashtar Psion.

  • Nevitash – Path of Light Priest. Male Kalashtar Monk. Son of Thatari and Kanatash.

  • Panitari – Path of Light Priest. Female Kalashtar. Daughter of Thatari and Kanatash.

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